Nepal, known for the Mount Everest (8848m), located between India and China and sadly enough also known for its earthquakes.

Nevertheless Nepal is more than that. Besides the fact that 8 out of the 10 highest mountains are in Nepal, the south of the country has a tropical climate, only 50 meters of sea level.

Which means that within a distance of 200 km (comparable with the distance between Brussels and Luxembourg) the diference in height is 8798 meters, a world record!

In the south you can take safari and look for elephants, rhinos and tigers. The land is a pleasant mix of people and culture. Hindus and Buddhists live side by side. The land has over ten thousand temples and multiple gods.

The local kitchen is healthy and diverse. Nepali people are, despite of the disasters they have encoutered, hard working people full of perseverance.

And the few things they have they share spontaneously and from the heart.

A lot of people visit the country and most of them come back bitten by the Nepali virus.

It’s hard to describe, but even more to feel. And like Nepali people say: “In Nepal, nothing is guaranteed, but everything is possible.

Nepal is not only a country, but also an acronym: Never Ending Peace And Love. When you go there, you come back differently. Nepal opens your heart!

Nepal, the country

Mission 1 - 2017